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With the promise of a COVID vaccine becoming available comes the possibility of the chorus being able to get together to rehearse again! Let's hope they roll out that vaccine soon. Who will be the first person in the chorus to receive the vaccine?

A very hearty Happy New Year to everyone. "Should old acquaintance be forgot..."

On Valentine's Day (Friday 14th February 2020) four of CCC's best quartets went out and about in the Denver Metro area delivering Singing Valentines to loved ones, work colleagues, employees and friends. 

4 A While, Cross Town Blend, I'll Be Late and Joyful Noise all had a great time. 

Some laughed, some cried, they ALL smiled... and that was just the quartets. No, seriously, every delivery was different, but all of the recipients had a moment that they would never forget.  

The lucky recipients were presented with a rose, a card and chocolates... and serenaded with at least two romantic songs in the barbershop style. 

Several recipients were treated to a 30 or 45 minute show!