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Jun 25 2024 - 12:28pm

Cross Town Blend is featured on our current "Let Freedom Ring" show that is touring Denver Metro!

Jan 29 2023 - 2:01pm

Jan 27th 2023 The Mixers, consisting of Jim, Jerry, Tony and Pierre, sang a half-hour set for a fundraiser at Rockland Historic Church in Golden. The aim is to renovate the 150 year-old church and put it back into service for events such as weddings and funerals, also to improve road access to the building. A major part of the renovation is the construction of modern restrooms, to replace the existing outhouse. Generous donors placed their checks and cash in the commode...


Jan 21 2020 - 10:13am

Myron Swisher, tenor; Vinny Sortman, lead; Robbie Robertson, baritone, and Jerry Hooper, bass. 

Our songs are a mix of styles, including patriotic, religious, comic, love, sentimental, etc.

Jan 1 2020 - 6:27am

The UltraSoniX quartet has been harmonizing since 2001 (Damian and Tony were original members of the quartet, Dave and Chris joining later along the way), sharing their love of barbershop harmony and A Cappella with the widest range of audiences imaginable...from weddings to funerals...from schools to senior centers...from the Governor's Mansion to the DCPA to the Denver Children's Home to family reunions to free concerts in the parks. Our repertoire includes barbershop standards, patriotic, inspirational, the Beatles, Disney, and a very extensive Christmas song list. Contact Tony at 303...